After a storm hit the town of Bourbon, debris were all over the place. The storm tore through the town and brought down power lines, toppled trees and blew off roofs from many houses. The people are safe in the evacuation centers, nobody died or got seriously injured. The first order of things was for the mayor to organise a cleanup of the whole town.

Since the Mayor’s office only had a few employees to call on for this task, volunteers came forward to offer their help. Rematerialise was one of the first to arrive at the command station where all efforts are concentrated at the moment. Also present were representatives from Greenpeace, the Red Cross and many other groups willing to lend a hand for the operation.

The mayor acted as the leader and gave out instructions to each group so that efforts will be organized and synchronized as well. This will ensure a smooth clearing operation and avoid or minimize risks to the cleanup team members.

And because of the overwhelming number of people willing to help, the entire operation took less than a day to complete. Even before the 6PM target, the power has been restored to all communities. All roads were cleared of debris and are now safe to use. Before it was the dark, the people at the evacuation centers were cleared to go back to their own homes.

Rick Barstow, the CEO of Rematerialise, thanked his entire crew for showing full support for the efforts and never hesitating to help out a needy neighbor. After the operations, he invited everyone to join him for a drink at the bar. His invitation was met with loud cheering from his tired but happy crew.

Rick said in a local TV interview, “It heartens me to know that if any catastrophe hits my community, I have people like you willing to sacrifice for the greater good of all concerned. Thank you to the gallant people of Bourbon, it’s so nice to be working with such an honorable group of people. God bless everyone. Get some rest, we all need some after getting no sleep last night.”

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