Recycling centers are being given added incentive for strengthening their collection campaign by a program recently launched by Rematerialise. This is not exclusively for recycling centers but any person or group of persons who want to join the program are allowed to do so. The incentives given are a certain dollar amount for every unit of ‘rematerialsed’ item submitted for recycling.

As an example, if Todd came in today and gave us 100pcs of PET bottles, he gets a certain amount of money commensurate to the volume he submitted. The final value is yet to be determined but will be announced as soon as the committee has finalized the deliberation process.

This move is another attempt by our group to increase the volume of recycled materials, which will directly reduce the volume of trash being taken to the dumpster. This will greatly impact our environment, as less and less waste will mean lesser pollution.

This effort is initiated by rematerialise in cooperation with private entities who also wish to promote and support a cleaner environment. One such entity that comes to mind is the National Geographic Society who have pledged to shoulder part of the prize money to be given as incentives to the participants.

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