In an effort to promote Material Repurposing, Rematerialise recently held an Art Contest where people were invited to submit their artwork to win. There is a twist in this contest, though. Instead of using paper or canvass or paint or ink, the contestants are allowed to use recyclable materials only. This will hope to promote the awareness of the people, especially the younger generation, on the importance of ‘rematerialising’ our everyday things.

There were a lot of interesting submissions during the day of the contest. We will show you some of the best here soon. These are the finalists who will compete for the top prize. The judges will gives scores for originality, ingenuity of usage of repurposed materials and audience appeal. The winners will be announced at the end of this month.

The grand prize winner will receive $500 gift certificate. The second and third placers will receive $250 and $100, respectively. They will also be invited to an art exhibit featuring the works of world-reknowned ‘junk‘ artist Carlton Lebowitz.

During an interview for the promo of this event, we had a chance to talk with Lebowitz and asked him for a few pointers. He said, “The main thing to know is that there is no such thing as junk. Anything can be used for another purpose, you just have to stretch your imagination and let your mind wander around a little.” So, for those aspiring to bring out the beauty in everyday things, there’s the best tip you can have.


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